When the time hands are dirty ?   Hand Washing 【2 time consecutive】 Manual
    When the hand washing is needed            
              5 minutes  
  After Toilet   Before enter into
Cooking Place
  After meals                            
                                  @Check a bruise of hand and chapping of hands and wetted hand with water about 5 seconds   AMuch foam with cleaning liquid
※around 3 push
  BPush the start button of Timer  
              45 minutes  
After touch the fresh food.
              Cwash for 45 seconds focusing on a palm, a back of hand, a finger joint (left and right) and a thumb and a wrist while setting attention to 1 by 1.
※when a foam disappeared, wash the detergent with running water and washing hand again
          5         15 minutes   6  
  After touch the Box   when touching a counter cross for cleaning and wet workbench.
After cleaning work and dispose of waste
                      Dwash the between the nail for 15 seconds with nailbrush. rinse a nailbrush, drain and return to container.   EWash away enough with running water   FA〜Eonce more again repeated  
  9   10   11  
  When touching a face, hair, nose, ear and mustache by unconscious movement   After telephone or register work              
                      GWipe out hand with paper towel completely and dry   H stop the timer and throw away in a trash can  using with the paper towel after wipe out   I spray to both hands with Alcohol liquid   rub whole both hands and dry perfectly