Sunlet Altaizer (ethanol 75%)



A^CU[65 ÌYƃTbgA^CU[755L {ge

ethanol 65%         ethanil 75%        Bottle

20L (18KG)          17L (15KG)        (no content)



For the sterilization of the fingers after the hand-washing!


It is ethanol for sanitization such as cooking utensils. It is the food additives which are safe even if I touch the food.


The Effect to food poisoning virus, food poisoning bacteria!


It is working precise sanitization to be demanded in food processing ground.

It is effective for food poisoning virus, food poisoning bacteria, and a sanitization agent with safe food additives is necessities of food industry in the future, besides.




PH      :  6.5-7.5 (25j  Neutral

Alcohol :  75% ( }1.0%)

Component:  Ethanol@@@@@ @   67.89%

            Sodium lactate@@ @ 0.025%

@@@@@@ @@Purified water       32.085%




(Special Use)





1.       Every ingredient such as vegetables and meat, the fish

2.       Processed foods such as a lunch, the salad

3.  for the kitchen utensils such as a cutting board, the kitchen knife

4D Kitchen utensils such as a slicer or the refrigerator

5. . Tableware such as glass and spoons

6D Work top

7.  Lunch Box and Container for transportation

8.  Cleaning tools such as a sponge or the dishcloth

9.@ for@indoor environments such as a handrail or the doorknob









Liquid Soap  and  Medical Hand Soap (antiseptic soap)



Sunlet Liquid Soap          Sunlet Medical Hand Clean      


Sunled Liquid Soap is general use for washing hands and clean


Sunlet Medical Soap is used for not only washing hands but sterilization, and sanitization as eAntisepticf or eAntibacterialf soap. (All in One).



pH : The weak Acidity   

Use:@Washing, sterilization, sanitization for hand and fingers

Standard use densityF 10% to 20%

Load figureF 4Kg x 4pcs@E2Kg x 6pcs (plastic bottle)         

Hand-washing liquid soap of the 5 times@to 10 times dilution type with effect of washing, sterilization, the sanitization of skin and fingers. Bubbling good and unscented type.        


Soap - any compound of one or more fatty acids, or their equivalents, with an alkali. Soap is a detergent and is employed in liniments and enemas and in making pills. It is also a mild aperient, antacid and antiseptic.

Green soap - a potassium soap made by saponification of vegetable oils, excluding coconut oil and palm kernel oil, without the removal of glycerin; it is the chief ingredient of green soap tincture.

Medicated soap - those containing additional ingredients, usually for the treatment of skin disorders, e.g. insecticides, keratolytics, antiseptics, antipruritics.

Soap poisoning - common dishwashing and laundry soaps can be a source of poisoning for dogs and cats. There can be gastrointestinal and neurologic signs.